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Meet The Team

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Dyan Garner

Youth Camp Director

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Dyan, and her husband Dan, are excited to be the MHC Youth Camp Directors

for the 2021 season!

Dyan has almost 30 years experience leading Youth & Family Ministries.  One of her favorite things to do is plan and implement big events and can't wait to get to know you all this summer!

Currently, Dyan serves as the Administrative Assistant to Bishop Lynn Thrush and loves working with the leaders of the Great Lakes Conference.

Her hobbies include: baking, making candy, singing, playing instruments, crocheting and paper crafts.

She is a proud mom to her twins,

Daniel and Amy.


Dan Garner

Youth Pastor & Co-Director

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In addition to Co-Directing camp this summer, Dan will be serving as our Youth Camp Pastor.  Be prepared for really relevant lessons delivered in a fun and memorable way.

Dan has been leading Youth and Music ministries for nearly 30 years.  He loves worshipping our Lord and teaching others how to worship Him more deeply.

Dan's hobbies include anything involving airplanes...flying them, watching videos about them, looking at them in the air...doesn't matter...he  just loves airplanes.

He also enjoys singing, playing instruments, and annoying his kids.

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Mindy House

Worship Leader

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Mindy is the Worship Leader at Huber Heights Church of God and is also a vocal coach and singer-songwriter.

She and her husband, Luke have been married just over two years and love traveling together!

Mindy loves the Lord and it is very visible as she sings and worships Him.  She celebrates that even in our brokenness and inadequacy we are a threat to the enemy.  God is victorious in and through our lives.

Mindy has promised that we will not be able to just sit in our seats and watch as she sings this summer!  Be prepared to dance and worship!!